Scholarship and Welfare grant a award ceremony for Takfa Industrial and Community Education College For the 2nd semester of academic year 2023

Thursday, December 7, 2023 The SET Foundation Attending the scholarship award ceremony for Takfa Vocational College Semester 2, academic year 2023, led by Assistant Professor Supaporn Pornphibun, presided over the ceremony. along with the committee and the coordinating officer in this matter, Assistant Professor Dr. Theppipat Santawan, committee member and treasurer of the foundation Also giving a sermon to scholarship students this time

with Mr. Yotsawat Khampu, Deputy Director. Receiving scholarships to students at both Vocational Certificate and Vocational Certificate levels, a total of 121 scholarships, totaling 720,000 baht, with details as follows:

1. Continuous scholarships at the Vocational Certificate level, 70 scholarships. 5,000 baht each, totaling 350,000 baht.

2. Continuous scholarships at the Vocational Certificate level, 31 scholarships, 10,000 baht each, totaling 310,000 baht .

3. Welfare scholarships, 20 scholarships, 3,000 baht each, totaling Money 60,000 baht

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The SET Foundation
Chayapon Fakphon
2 Apr 2567, 16:25